Visiting Foiano, tourists can discover an itinerary made of art, shows, food and the antique traits of the town. To keep its traditions alive, each year Foiano hosts its Carnival, renowned as the oldest in Italy, the flower fair, the handicraft fair and the historical reenactment of Scannagallo battle, just to mention few among others. Thanks to its fertile land and the great variety of landscapes, our valley, the Valdichiana, grew rich with products of agriculture and the breeding of farm animals. The most famous is nowadays the “Chianina” cow, also known as the “Good White Giant”.

Foiano and the nearby town of Pozzo boast ancient origins that dates back to Etruscan times between the VI and IV centuries b.C.  However, it is above all the churches, civic buildings and walls of Foiano that give the town an unusual beauty, created in particular by the use of red bricks as predominant building material.

Foiano’s center map



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